Employment Pathways

Where young talent and employers meet



It's time we made some changes

It's  our outreach programme, created to do just to do what it says, bridge the gap between employers, young people  -- wherever they are -- and vocational training organisations and their clients.  Our aim is to maximise the outcomes for all three by:


  • Enabling employers to meet their recruitment needs by supporting the creation of a keen and eager talent pool of the brightest and the best – where they need them, when they need them

  • Supporting institutions that work with young people by offering alternative pathways into careers, meeting the needs of all their clients by supporting the development of the skills, attitudes and behaviours that employers demand, while providing real career opportunities

  • Ensuring that training organisations are able to get acrosss the message that vocational learning is a great experience, and to play a key role recuiting the best talent for their clients


To get more information contact us at i[email protected] 

So meet Bridges into Work!

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A Tribute -- Painted June 6 2014 by Miriam Cobrin