Employment Pathways

     Bridging the Gap



  • Eliminates the persistent youth unemployment that has been embedded in our system over decades

  • Ends the vicious circle of no work experience, no work

  • Transforms the transition from education into work

  • Ends the curse of low life-time earnings, poorer health outcomes and long term unemployment

  • Slashes the cost of youth unemployment estimated at £28 billion by 2024

  • Ends the appalling social cost of wasted lives, wasted opportunities

  • Creates a growing talent pool for the needs of our businesses

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The Importance of Recruiting Young Talent

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  • Helps productivity, morale, employee retention

  • Develops skilled, qualified and loyal employees

  • Promotes your business in the local community

  • Extends the talent pool for the needs of your businesses

  • Why buy in talent when you can grow your own?

  • Multiple funded pathways available

  • Reduces recruitment costs

  • Can attract government incentives

The Benefits to Your Business of Recruiting Young Talent

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